• Oleh H. Trembovetskyi National Academy of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky



Border Guard Commandant Office, service and combat activity.


Analysis of the organizational activities of a number of commandants of border guard commandant office (BGCO) showed different understanding of this activity and different ways of task completion. In our opinion, the unification of the process of their work and the development of an algorithm of the organization of operatively-fighting activities of BGCO will eliminate all the existing conflicts. Analysis of scientific literature and the experience of organizational activity of BGCO commanders provide the opportunity to propose the algorithm of work of the BGCO commandant in the organization of operatively-fighting activities. The proposed algorithm cannot be completed without disclosing the content of each event which is held by the BGCO commandant during performing the tactical and combat missions. Let's start with the fact that the basis for the BGCO commandant work is a number of administrative documents. Among them there are the operational instruction for border protection and participation in territorial defense and other administrative and planning documents. Operatively-fighting activity starts at the moment of receiving of administrative documents. Awareness of the problem is the most important component of the commandant’s work. Typically commandant proposes content of comprehension exercises when he first receives operational instruction and other administrative and planning documents. The BGCO commandant receives operational instruction, administrative and planning documents with a long period of action, but major commander cannot predict all possible changes in environment and the way how they may affect at the performance of tasks. That is why the commandant should estate the situation before accepting of every decision. The decision for performing service and fighting activity of BGCO is the most important stage in commandant’s work. The requirements for such decision are the following: solution must coincide with an operational instruction; should be adequate to the current situation; should be ensured with all necessary forces and facilities. The decision is recorded in the book of the border service. The next stage in BGCO commandant’s work is planning service and fighting activity. This is an important and complicated process which is closely connected with the content of the decision. While planning commandant should detalize his decision by manpowering distribution of units in the whole areas, state the time and the place of action. After planning service and fighting activity commandant defines the tasks for deputies and officers of BGCO departments. The content of the tasks should delegate a certain part of commandant’s rights, related to the control activities of the units to his deputies, these rights are: control after service and fighting activities of BGCO, missions and the order of their completion by units or individual servicemen with specializing of time, place and so on. Let’s emphasize at the plot of combat crew. On the combat crew BGCO commandant may notify the personnel, changes in the situation, the results of service and fighting activity and results of its control, which unit or group of border guards perform tasks in exact time, who makes the reserve, signals and commands for the calculation capabilities on them. Also the BGCO commandant should declare orders and directives that are needed to know by all subordinates. In commandant's work arranging of interaction is also very important. While organization of interaction he detalize the performance of their tasks in a single goal. The degree of detailizing of such actions may vary because of many factors: the nature of the problem, time availability, topography, level of training and experience of personnel. It is impossible and unnecessary to give some kind of uniform and suitable for all occasions scheme. The main issues in the organization of interaction needs to touch the order of actions in an armed attack on the border guards, the destruction of the armed groups of the enemy and repulsing an attack on a place of a BGCO dislocation. While solving main tasks of interaction the BGCO commandant determines his place during the execution service and fighting activity, destruction of the armed groups of the enemy and repel the attack on places of a dislocation, additionally he stresses at the order of communication, methods and time of reports and informing. BGCO commandant should control the situation from the command point. On the issue of comprehensive support commandant determines what action is necessary to ensure the success of the tasks of service and fighting activity of BGCO. Materials of the article can be used in the practice of officers of BGCO departments as well as in research and academic work.

Author Biography

Oleh H. Trembovetskyi, National Academy of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor


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