Maryna O. Sliusarenko


Plant and providing ground equipment analysis shows there is no correspondence that appears between the necessary reliability of equipment and much lower reliability level of the equipment while its exploitation. One of the reasons of such divergence is lack of mathematical modeling methods in the process of reliability work that exist today both at the stage of their projecting and while testing. Methods that are used at pre sent not always take into account the main factors that have an influence on these equipment conditions at the curtain conditions of use. With the purpose of this divergence decreasing we suggest the way of modeling reliability parameters at the stage of military equipment projecting. Main situation of reliability theory is used in the research. Taking into account such factors as aggressive (climate, relief, seismic conditions, natural calamity for military technique – battle influence of the enemy), according to author’s opinion will allow modeling reliability parameters at the stage of technique projecting and give their meaning in a proper way. This in direction of subsequent research.


equipment reliability; connectivity; probability of reliability work reliable period of work; operating time to failure (operating time between failures); the law of regulation time of reliability work; mathematical modeling.


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