• Volodymyr I. Hostiev Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information
  • Vadym D. Krotov Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information



AQM-system, Network TCP/IP, PID-, PI- and RED-regulators.


The problem of providing quality of service in networks, operating on the basis of the protocol stack TCP/IP, it has been and remains relevant to the development of protocols, network equipment, service providers and end users. At all levels of the network actively used by buffering mechanisms and management queuing packets, including adaptive and designed with one hand, to serve traffic bursts with minimal losses packets, and the other - to provide sufficient bandwidth and acceptable to the end user delays. In this article, the processes in the active queue management systems (AQM- systems) using PID-, PI- and RED-controllers with variable parameters of TCP/IP network (random change of traffic load - random changes in the number of TCP sessions and random round trip time RTT) based interactive system MATLAB.

Author Biography

Volodymyr I. Hostiev, Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


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