Mykhailo O. Shyshanov, Volodymyr I. Kotsiuruba, Ivan P. Datsenko, Valentyn P. Sakhno, Ihor I. Derkach


Based on the analysis of experience with the panzer specialized vehicles and requirements for the protection of this group of material, it‘s suggested the methodological approach for the comparative evaluation of materials for their buildings, which ensures the necessary level of the protection from the effects of damaging factors, to optimize the choice on the basis of the financial cost, quality characteristics and manufacturing technology. In the article as the baseline approach for comparison the armored vehicles body materials buildings, the method of progressive standard has proposed to use.

The proposed method can be the basis for creating the specialized software in the field of the searching the rational approaches in the process of upgrading and designing the modern specialized armored vehicles.


panzer specialized vehicles; panzer protection; ranking method; criterion; indicator; weighting factor; properties; technical specifications


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