Olexander P. Duz-Kriatchenko, Edward M. Lisitsin, Volodymyr P. Gryschenko


This article is an attempt to deepen our understanding the question what actions are expedient for Military Powers in the conditions of pre-conflict and conflict domestic situation. There is the question about expedience of those actions which will provide absolute implementation by Military Powers, as an instrument of state policy, the tasks pursuant to Constitution and other laws of the state. The events in February-March, 2014 shows that the fight for the control above power structures (at the beginning of conflict - above the structures of law and order, and farther - above Military Powers) is planned and conducted, and with the flow of time, can become sharp. Therefore with all evidence gets up as vitally important task the defence and improvement of mechanisms of support of alertness the power structures in a civil conflict, including defence of defenders of Law - command, personnel of power units.

Two scenarios influence of protest forces on Military Powers can be planned and incarnate in the life. The first scenario consists in “decomposition” of Powers on the protest forces side and subsequent use of them for successful completion of internal revolt with achievement of purpose of internal actions without intervention the armed groupments from abroad. The second scenario leans against to a preliminary planned, expansion of conflict due to an ethnoteritorial dispute with a next encroachment of the armed groupment from abroad. For the sake of success of the noted action also preliminary the measures of decline the personnel competitive spirit of Military Powers are conducted.

Consequently there is the necessity of expansion of maintenance of category “prevention”. Until now, inlaying in this notion the sense the “done early prevent or removal of armed conflict”, we meant that its reason is the external threat which touches one or a few national interests in relation to the state. Deep analysis the events of “maidan”, took place now in Ukraine, through the prism of western technologies of actions for the sake of overthrow of legal governments of the states, forces us to spread conducting the measures of prevention also on the cases of internal threats in relation to Military Powers of the state, which are generated by both violent and unviolent conflict, yet to introduction of the extraordinary being and accompany all motion of conflict.


conflict; prevention; threat.

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