Volodymyr I. Sharyi, Anatolii I. Nevolnychenko, Oleksii P. Fedchenko, Maksym H. Tyshchenko


The article considers the substantive and formal statement of “direct” and “inverse” planning tasks of fire damage of heterogeneous targets classes by combined strikes method by task group bomber and ground attack aircraft and missile forces. To solve this class problems as “typical” integral linear programming problems, the version of the simplex Danzig method under vector argument of the objective function and constraints functions is given, which is adapted to the “dynamic efficiency” of the current solution. The no integer solution is converted to the integer by the “branch and bound” method on the principle of “nearest feasible point”. The numerical example of solving direct and inverse task and the algorithm of “simplex transformation” computer procedures is given that implements this method for special mathematical and software of an automated command and control system (ACCS). It is shown that the solution of the direct (secondary) or inverse (main) task maximizes the decision-plan efficiency of combined fire damage.


combined strike; direct and inverse task; integer linear programming; dynamic efficiency of the current solution; simplex procedure; Danzig method.


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