Model of dissemination of information in the implementation of the strategic narrative of the state




information dissemination model, target audience, narrative, subscribers, followers


Studying and conducting research on the processes of disseminating and receiving information from the media and information circulating in social networks remains a promising scientific area, both for analysts, marketers and for conducting special information and psychological actions in the interests of using troops (forces).

The analysis of a social network or several networks makes it possible to compose a social connection between users and the content of a social network and to determine promising directions for meeting their interests in information, which is directly used to determine target audiences. This is directly related to the development of the technological process and the process of improving the methods of communication between people, which now cover almost every corner of the globe, it has become especially important to understand the processes of information dissemination.

In the article, the author analyzed the SIR epidemic spread model, which was used to describe the spread of rumors from one user to another, and its modification. Based on the results of the analysis, a model for disseminating information among target audiences was proposed and described in the implementation of the strategic narrative of the state. The logic of the model's functioning is based on the presentation of the target audience of the information channel as the sum of three groups of people, namely: subscribers, active and inactive followers. The model also takes into account the intensity of subscription to a news agent, unsubscribing from him, and allows calculating the probability of reading the news.

With the help of the Melting Asphalt software service, the author visualized the process of information dissemination in accordance with the proposed model.


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