situational management, state management system, crisis situation, identification, information direction, self-organization


Hybrid warfare is a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods of warfare, which include the use of special forces, irregular armed groups, information warfare and propaganda, diplomatic measures, cyberattacks, economic pressure and more.

The implementation of information security processes involves the mandatory detection of information threats - crisis situations.

Given the significant dynamics of change and the density of the flow of crisis situations, the implementation of their identification has the following features: the complexity of formalizing the signs of a crisis situation for identification; signs of a crisis situation can be formed in the form of a set of indicators and (or) criteria; the set of features may contain both objective and subjective indicators and have stochastic or fuzzy uncertainty; lack of a share of information signs of a crisis situation in comparison with the standard; the requirement to obtain a final decision on identification in linguistic form, taking into account the degree of approximation of the object of identification to the standard; the need to obtain an explanation of the formed decision on identification, which is especially important for intelligent decision support systems; large dimension of the problem of identification in the conditions of strict requirements for the efficiency of crisis detection with the density of their flow and significant dynamics of change. The analysis of classical approaches shows their low efficiency for the conditions of crisis identification.

Recently, the ideas of synergetics and methods of self-organization have become deeply developed and widespread, in particular in relation to management tasks. Self-organization arises in systems and processes that have the following properties: open architecture; are nonequilibrium; enhance fluctuations, have positive feedback and a sufficient number of interacting elements or transients.

There is a uniqueness of the problem of recognizing crisis situations of information direction. It consists of a purely specific list of features for the detection of a controlled process and algorithm of self-organization, which provides a solution to the problem in a large dimension, significant dynamics of change and density of the crisis situation.

The purpose of this article is to develop a method of identifying crisis situations of information orientation on the basis of self-organization

Author Biography

Andrii Zinchenko, National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi

Doctor of Technical Sciences (05.13.06), assistant professor


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