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An analysis of the experience of forcing water obstacles in local wars and armed conflicts of our time indicates that, based on the factors that affect an offensive battle with the crossing of a water obstacle, military formations of various units fulfill the tasks assigned to them and use different methods of action.

However, there have been no systemic studies devoted to the determination of effective (rational) ways of performing tasks that are performed by military formations in an offensive battle with the forcing of a water barrier.

Thanks to the proposed method, it is possible to solve the problem, the essence of which is to find a rational way to perform tasks, redistribute the forces and means of a military unit according to the stages of an offensive battle with the forcing of a water barrier, in which the target function will be maximum.

To substantiate the recommendations regarding the choice of a rational method of offensive combat with the forcing of a water obstacle by subunits of a military unit from the set of admissible ones, the minimax method was used in the methodology, which makes it possible to select the numerical value of the degree of combat mission fulfillment in accordance with the rational option of subunits' actions.

In the future, it is possible to develop a special software product, which will make it possible, on the basis of the input of initial data, to determine the degree of achievement of the required level of combat capabilities of a military formation, the duration of combat and the expected degree of accomplishment of tasks by a military formation.

The main components of the improved choosing rational ways method of a separate mechanized brigade offensive operation with the forcing of a water obstacle are given in the article. The methodology is based on the use of a proven mathematical apparatus and allows the commander to make the appropriate decision.

The improved ways estimation of tasks performance during conducting offensive operation with forcing of a water obstacle method allows:

to determine a rational variant of forces and means redistribution on combat order elements;

to assess the effectiveness of a separate mechanized  offensive operation with the forcing of a water barrier at certain units courses of action;

choose a rational course of action from the permissible ones to conduct the operation.


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