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  • Yaroslav Kubetsky National academy of Border Guard service of Ukraine the name of Bogdan Khmelnytskyie, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
  • Oleh Uhrynovych National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6644-7620
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material and technical means, transportation, rapid response units, state border


Certain aspects of prompt delivery of material and technical means to rapid response units during joint operations at the state border with the use of software have been identified.

The article highlights the concept of "transportation", its main stages and defines the basic principles of organization of transportation of material and technical means.

The article reveals the methodological approaches to the formalization and calculation of key indicators that characterize the process of transportation of material and technical means.

This takes into account the methods of accelerated (operational) calculation of the need for transportation of material and technical means. Their advantage is the relatively small cost of time for calculations with allowable errors and deviations from the values obtained by applying the universal method. The application of such dependencies meets the requirements of the guiding documents for mastering the methods of operational planning and organization of material and transport support, transportation of material and technical means, combat and other types of support.

The calculations of the accelerated (operational) calculation of the need for transportation are based on the following operational indicators: combat composition of units, pace of hostilities, duration of hostilities, tasks performed by border rapid response units, typical and established rates of consumption and loss of logistics in battle, etc. The need for transportation is determined by the types of material and technical means that have the largest share in the cargo flow (ammunition and fuel), with the accrual of the corresponding percentage of other types of material and technical means of the total need for transportation of ammunition and fuel.

Identification and disclosure of certain aspects and methodological approaches to the prompt delivery of logistics to rapid response units, will deepen research to address the issue of operational delivery of logistics to rapid response units.


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