Methodical approach to analysis of survivability of control points system

Юрій Аркадійович Гусак, Василь Кузьмович Шевченко


In this article the problem of the analysis of survivability of control point system (CPS) as one of components of a problem of troops (forces) survivability is considered. By consideration of this problem decomposition of control point system of the Armed forces of Ukraine, on levels of a control system, is carried out: at strategic level – it’s a CPS of Commander-in-chief of Armed forces of Ukraine; at operatively-strategic level - CPS of Joint forces, armed services and separate arms commanders; at operative level - CPS of operative commands and air commands commanders. It is shown in articles, which are to problem questions of troops management during their deployment devoted, models, which describe survivability separate control points only, are applied. In this connection, there a methodical approach to the analysis of CPS survivability, which is based on probability theory, is offered. Survivability indicators - probability of preservation by CPS in efficient condition at corresponding level and according to a armed service, separate combat arm, operative and air commands are entered. The methodical approach to the analysis of CPS survivability with command level is depending. To check the adequacy of the methodical approach, it is considered a typical CPS main alternate CPS. This method allows to count probabilities of preservation of an efficient condition of CPS on strategic, operatively-strategic and operative levels. It is shown that the presented approach does not contradict to the theory of troops management and allows to develop a technology of requirements to survivability of CPU of the Armed Forces of Ukraine substantiation.


control points system; methodical approach to the survavebility analysis


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