Some aspects of creating and using mobile applications for the learning of military technical disciplines

Дмитро Анатолійович Чопа, Анатолій Йосипович Дерев’янчук, Дмитро Андрійович Чехута


Modern conditions for the functioning of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, first of all, the training of military specialists in the conditions of reduced time and limited capabilities of the educational and training base determines new approaches to the organization of education and training. Therefore, the article discusses some aspects of development military-technical mobile applications that can be installed on various mobile devices and used in training military specialists. The authors consider the stages of creating mobile applications, the principles of construction, functions and tasks that should be solved by mobile military-technical applications.

The results of the analysis of the pedagogical experiment with students who are studying at the Department of Military Training of Sumy State University allowed us to conclude that the use of mobile applications has a positive effect on improving the quality and increase of the level of training in the learning of military-technical disciplines.

The directions of further research on the development of mobile military-technical applications are proposed.


mobile applications; mobile devices; interface; mobile application user; Student criterion


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