Quality assessment method of information-analytical support of work of automated information systems of military management bodies

Oleksandr Krainov, Roman Hrozovskyi, Anatolii Kravchuk


One of the priorities of defense reform is to create an effective military management system. An important role in the implementation of this task will be played by the introduction of modern information technologies into the management and forces (forces), adaptation of the best practices and standards of leading NATO member states, integrated automation of operational (combat) command, communication, intelligence and surveillance (C4ISR) processes. ), Defense Accounting and Management (DRMIS). The problem remains the implementation and implementation of orders for the creation of automated information systems for military administration, information and analytical support of their work and information infrastructure, since in Ukraine at present there are no state organizations and private enterprises that are able to independently perform the whole range of works and services with creation of automated information systems and deployment of information infrastructure.


automated information system; information and analytical support; a military management body; quality


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