Alexander Laptev, Roman Hrozovskyi


 The article deals with issues of leakage or loss of information that could cause material damage or could lead to catastrophic consequences in the object of management - production, transport and military affairs.  Modern military science argues that the total deprivation of communications reduces the combat capability of the army to zero.  The analysis of various on the principle of work, search engines, and methods of searching for tacit information.  The analysis allows us to conclude that at the present stage of the development of society, the process of seeking the means of secret information obtains qualitatively to another level.  Therefore, the search methods and equipment used for this need improvement, and the problem of analyzing digital radio tag search tools in order to identify trends in the development and development of modern requirements for them will become relevant.  The methods of hiding the work of radio tabs that are used in the development of radio tabs are considered.  It is noted that at present it is much easier to make a digital transmitter using a modern elemental base of standard communication devices than to construct and debug an "analog" bookmark on a positive feedback transistor.  Therefore, modern and promising technologies stem from the possibility of modern means of secretly obtaining information.  Modern radio tabs can use different methods of concealing the data transmission channel, which greatly complicates the process of their search.  Especially as they use combined methods of concealing the data transmission channel.

Taking into account the peculiarities of modern developments of secret means of obtaining information, a complete methodical set of requirements for the design and creation of modern automated search systems that meet the process of modern automated search of digital radio bookmarks in full is provided.  These requirements can be used as a technical task when designing automated software solutions for digital radio tabs.


radio tab; search; radio channel; radio monitoring; automated software complex


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