Yaroslav Melnyk, Victor Bobylov, Roman Timoshenko


The modern information environment is exposed to active cybernetic influence both on separate computer facilities, as well as on information and telecommunication systems and automated systems of state and military authorities that are aimed at interrupting the interrelated information properties: confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Despite the introduction of various methods aimed at increasing the security of information resources in the information and telecommunication systems, the dynamics of the increase and the effects of cybernetic threats, both in the world and in Ukraine, remain rather high and constitute a world-class problem. In connection with this, there is an urgent need to ensure the effective functioning of heterogeneous information and telecommunication networks (ITN) of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces of Ukraine in the conditions of cyber attacks.

The purpose of this article is to provide recommendations on the construction of information and telecommunication networks based on the comparative assessment of the stability of integrated computer networks (CN) structures, which allows to increase the reliability of the results of comparative evaluation of ICN structures with increasing number of elements and under conditions of influence on network nodes of unintentional and intentional obstacles by taking into account the long-term decrease in the values of complex indicators of the reliability of the nodes of the ICN.


heterogyne network, integrated computer networks, information and telecommunication networks, intentional and unintentional obstacles, reliability of heterodyne telecommunication networks.


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