Increase of efficiency of support of making decision in automated control systems by troops for account of the use in her work of facilities of constructive simulation of battle actions of troops (force)

Victor Bobylov, Yaroslav Melnyk, Anatolii Kravchuk


The modern Armed Forces are the difficult system, consisting of plenty of subsystems, functioning of that is determined by plenty of processes that allow to achieve objective her functioning with corresponding efficiency. Therefore investigating functioning of such system in reality is very difficult and requires the expenses of plenty of financial and other types of resources, including still human. From here and there is a problem of research of functioning of the Armed Forces under various conditions situation that can arise up during the conduct of battle actions (operations). Knowledge about functioning of the Armed Forces in one or another terms of operational-tactical situation allow to the command and staff officers to accept reasonable decisions on the conduct of battle actions (operations). One of ways of receipt of such knowledge is replacement of the really existent systems and processes in them aleak, by the models of different class (mathematical, analytical, logic-linguistic etc).

The aim of this article is a grant of recommendations on creation of the informatively-modeling system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and spheres of her application as component part of unified automated control system for the increase of efficiency of making decision the organs of military management on the conduct of operations (battle actions).


informatively-modeling system; automated control system; support of making decision; constructive models; information and calculation tasks


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