Roman M. Shtonda, Yulia A. Chernish, Yurii O. Protsiuk, Irina R. Maltseva


For today on the first plan in Ukraine opposition goes out in informative space. Aggression against Ukraine that showed up in "hybrid" war needs modern and effective events and methods of counteraction. With every year these events and methods get all more distribution in a military idea and practice. As an instrument strategic communications come forward for realization of these ideas and thoughts. Strategic communications before everything become the instrument of harmonization of themes, ideas, characters and actions. They envisage a dialogue and going near relationship-building on the basis of attentive attitude toward cultural and historical features, local methods of conducting business and exposure of local leaders of ideas. The special weight the marked acquires exactly now, in a period when there is diversification of content in the state, a battle becomes sharp for informative resources. Strategic communications must be sent to injury of authority of opponent by the method of support of the actions from the side of local population of quarreling side, state and world community.


strategic communications, "hybrid" war, standards of NATO


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