Ruslan V. Kubal


The article is devoted to the methodology of substantiation of requirements to the supply system of troops (forces) by fuel, the execution of which guarantees the timely and complete provision of troops (forces) by fuel. The analysis of existing methods (techniques) that are devoted to the substantiation of the requirements for the material and technical means system of troops during the operation (combat actions) is presented, as well as their deficiencies, in particular, the failure to take into account the influence of certain indicators on the technical state of fuel service facilities, which, in its turn, leads to untimely and complete supply of troops (forces) by fuel. These shortcomings indicate that despite the work of the chief of the fuel service and his subordinates, timely and complete supply of troops (forces) by fuel was repeatedly broke due to the refusal of technical means of service. Subsequently, an improved methodology for substantiating the requirements for a supply system of troop (force) by fuel in operations (combat actions) will be used when developing a recommendation on timely and complete supply of troops (forces) by fuel.


material support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fuel supply system, fuel and lubricants, methodology, indicators


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