Simulation the functioning of subsystem of delivery of material means to troops using logical functions




modeling, material means, logistic system, delivery, logistic functions, logical-mathematical model


The article is dedicated to a topical issue which is related to improving the efficiency of the transportation material resources subsystem based on the introduction of an automated management system and monitoring of logistics processes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.It is necessary to apply a logistical approach and military logistics to effective provision by material resources and services of Armed Forces of Ukraine. The logistic system is created with a logistic approach to the provision of materiel and services to the troops. The logistics system functions as an organizational and economic mechanism for managing material and information flows. It usually consists of several subsystems and has developed connections with the external environment. The purpose of the logistics system is delivery in a timely manner, in a given place the required number and range of the most prepared material resources at minimum cost. This task is solved by the subsystem for the supply of material resources.The issues of improving the subsystem of transportation of material resources, as a component of logistics systems, on the basis of modeling the process of transportation of material resources to the troops are considered.At the present stage of development, the problem of developing a logical and mathematical model of a subsystem for the supply of material resources to troops on the basis of the analysis of the application of mathematical modeling of the support of troops (forces) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been identified. The description of the process of modeling this subsystem using logistic functions to determine the time for the delivery of materiel to the troops during the operation has been made. In the end, the directions of further research in this direction are formulated, which are connected with the development of logical-mathematical models of other processes of providing troops.


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